Designing the future

We, at LB architects, believe that architectural design is the one that will characterize many of the things that could happen in the future. The construction’s functionality, the quality in design, the ecological footprint, the final energy consumption of the building, the health of the users, are strictly connected to the architectural design.
At the same time in an architectural project, the “architectural narrative” is the one that will determine the character of the project, resulting in its catalytic contribution to the commerciality of an investment.
Thus, every line on paper can mean a lot for the future. All the lines together, have the power to transform people's dream to house their needs. The role of an architect is crucial, because he is the one who has to elicit the dream and make it come true.
Conclusively we strongly believe that:           “The best way to predict the future is to design it
When the renovation becomes a real transformation...
At Lb architects we believe that detail is what makes the difference and that is why during the implementation study of a project we emphasize in the architectural detail and the design. With the incorporation of technology, bim design transforms the detail into “state of achitecture”.
Quality in details
Quality in details
Quality in details
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